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Texture is all.

Wear it, sit on it, or knit it.

Woollen texture is enjoying a buzz. From the high street to the designers atelier minimalism is on the wane. It’s been a long time coming but we now want colour, weave and nub. Is this a return to core values? Or an urge to nest in retreat from a difficult world? Knit one, pearl one, gives rise to feelings of nostalgia. I suggest we cast on, feet up, with a cup of English tea and a plate of biscuits. Makes a change from trawling the web.

wild Knitting circa 1970 something.

Rag and Bone winter 2011.

Art at Norris and the flamingo.

Big knits from Claire-Anne O’Brien.

Bowled over by Annette Bugansky’s ceramics.

Vintage looking home style.

Ready textured wool by i knit it.


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