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Rule britannia

Long time no blog! My late resolution is to make more time in 2012 for things I enjoy…….so lets start with travel.
Just returned from Myanmar or Burma depending on your colonial roots. Photos on facebook…..well some, I do have over 700!
I developed an obsession with the differences between Nations. Not much else to think about in the departure lounges. For an ex British colony the English were few, and definitely seen as past invaders by the Burmese. Not an issue for the Chinese, Germans, Italians and French. I know we see ourselves as a creative, fair minded society. Proud of our democracy and freedom. So why are we so drizzle grey, so baggy and defeated?
The Italians, in garish colour have no care for the fall of the Roman Empire, they shrug and gesticulate with noisy impatience.
The Germans lost nothing of their absolute self belief despite two world wars.
The Americans are cartoon cut outs, bullish cropped men and skinny loud women, all happy to fly the flag.
The French have style, a Napolionic arrogance and the language of love.
The Chinese are absolute, and large, to better express their new wealth. They hide behind dark glasses and camera click endlessly whilst enjoying the power of accent.
How did the British become so faded? The failed colonials, apologetic, meek and furrowed? Bodies like over-stuffed garbage bags, sensible shoes and dreadful hair. Who decided en mass that vanity was an unecessary evil? Do we start out fashion clad and slowly morf into the bland, shapeless world of Littlewoods?
Will I wake up one morning to find that I have disappeared………..beiged out from head to toe?
Happily no. Proudly a Brit, but saved by a genetic mix that can’t be traced back through any parish of this land, I am determined not to succumb!



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