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These Boots Were Made For Walking

I think it’s all over, fashion and I have finally parted, I have stepped out and fallen over the precipice! Despite knowing that it’s wrong on so many levels, I have finally succumbed. Pushed over the edge by freezing temperatures and poor circulation I have parted with plastic and bought a pair of those dreadful Ugg boots! The shame is intense, in fact I may need years of therapy, but at least my feet will be toasty. I am aware that they will also look fat and deeply unsexy. In fact when I say bought I really mean ordered, as my size was out of stock. As a result I am hibernating until they arrive on Wednesday (when it’s due to snow, even in London) which gives me time to either change my mind or come to terms with my huge fashion faux pas. I can’t wear wedges or heels of any kind, converse bring me close to frost bite, any leather soles ditto, and I have failed to perfect the art of balance. So what next I wonder? Due to very inclement weather, I’m on a slippery slope, what happens after the thaw, surely not a pair of foul looking Crocs?Ugly and even uglier.


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Frilled? Not Really.

To frill or not to frill? That is the question.

Whether ’tis nobler to follow the new much pushed fashion path of grown up, pared down, sophistication, or regress and flounce into frills? I am a collaboration addict, the Lanvin/H&M launch has been in my diary for months, Valentino/Gap ditto. Which sadly proves the old adage ” be careful in life what you wish for.” Much as I love Uniqlo, this season’s Jill Sander collection was disappointing, styles no more than OK and fabrics nasty. But at least Sander remains true to her craft, she doesn’t indulge in superficial adornment that masquerades as design.

Why has Alber Elbaz churned out a 48 piece cheap pastiche, not worthy of his monumental talent? Is it his choice or H&M’s to dress women in gaudy over-worked outfits that look so yesterday?

He stated; “What intrigued me was the idea of H&M going into luxury, rather than Lanvin going public.”

Sorry Alber, nice dream but in my opinion you haven’t even come close.

Katie Grand what were you thinking?

£100 for a frilly baco-foil Christmas cracker.

Why not add the kitchen sink?

Sex in the City, or who let the dogs out?

And then there is Valentino for Gap. Really frilling! With possibly the most disastrously styled cargo pants ever.

Most distressing is the knowledge that these collections will fly to the sound of  tills ringing. Not because we love them, but because we are so in thrall to a designer label that we feel compelled to possess a “real” Lanvin or Valentino. Good or bad, we want the chance to buy into the dream at a fraction of the usual out of our reach price tag.

*All images borrowed from the Telegraph.

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Bowler-ed over

Hats. Sitting snugly by my computer surrounded with grey rain splashed glass I am focused on hats. Apparently it’s untrue that we loose a huge percentage of our body heat through our bare heads, but what connection does fashion have with such practicalities anyway?

Actually I’m not thinking of all hats, it’s the bowler that has attracted my attention. First designed in 1849 by the Bowler brothers Thomas and William, the Bowler Hat was sold in London by James Lock & Co for 12 shillings. I have no understanding of nineteenth century economics but that does sound expensive to me! The iconic design has since fallen out of favour with city bankers but Gautier has high profiled it’s winter 2010 revival at Hermes. Could be the aging “enfant terrible” was just enjoying a populist poke at the banking profession, but whatever his intention the idea has definitely been hanging around for a while. In fact quite literally in the case of Jake Phipps design; the Bowler light fitting.

winter 10 on the Hermes catwalk.

The real deal!

Magritte loved a Bowler.

The actress Clemence Poesy.

Borrowed for the cult film Clockwork Orange.

Enlarged and softened at Sonia Rykiel in 2008.

Annie Hall, arguably Woody Allen’s best creation ever!

Unexpected and proudly traditional possession of Bolivian women.

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