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Forever young

Well what do you know!?

The fashion media is fast running out of colours to call the new black. Instead the buzz this season is the new young, or the formerly past it, currently revered as the re-born.

Right now age is heavily on trend.

The baby boomers do still rule the world!

The reason why?

Call me a cynic if you must, but guess who has the most spending power in today’s tough fashion market? No prizes for getting that answer right.

On paper it should be good news, and yet in reality it’s really not. I’m bored with articles by fashion journalists trilling on about real clothes for real women. Try telling those real women to wear classics (yawn) and they will tell you how very dull they find the clothes this season. I know fashion insiders of boomer age who claim not to have bought even one item this winter. So if the grand plan was to squeeze, or possibly fleece, judging by the extortionate prices, the huge 40+  demographic group, It’s not looking good.

Iris Apfel 88 years old and not a fan of camel or navy.

Betsey Johnson 68 and wild.

Photographer Terry Richardson’s “mom” doesn’t look the classics type.

Madonna is not one for Marks and Spencer.

Pat Fields quite something at 70 (ish)


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Love, love, love………

I must confess to an illicit affair! I’ve fallen in love but not with a top designer’s expensively branded label. No, I am unfaithful to the fashion elite with none other than Uniqlo.

We’ve been seeing each other for a while now, and it’s going well. I hand over my money, leave with a large white carrier bag, endlessly wear the contents and return for more, more, more.

I try to pass by and turn the other cheek, I tell myself it’s not a true and lasting love.

After all, Uniqlo the tart will woo anyone……..male, female, rich, or poor, those shelves of brightly coloured cashmere are there for the takings.

So this is the point I need to make clear………..as those takings are surely increasing daily. I need more space and time with my love, I need to know that my size will always be available. I don’t want to become a nag and whine that things are not as they once were between us. I want the entire Jill Sander collection to be exclusively my’n………..in every colour. I don’t care about the fair-weather Uniqlo groupies hustling at the tills, they need to realise that they are never going to be more than just good friends. Mere hangers on, as I am the one and only true love.

Cashmere classics………..only for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hands off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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