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camel race…….

I realized today that I don’t speak camel.What to do? After all it is the colour du jour. Absolutely the big hit of the season.

Every magazine and newspaper is currently offering their artfully chosen version of blah camel outfits. My fellow blogger layersandswathes loves it, the fashion editors love it. Me? I hate it.

Being of olive complexion………………ok, maybe a little sallow and faded of tan, camel is simply not my colour.

Putting that fact aside, I also find that it visually represents, dare I say with apologies, the rather well to do elderly. What’s wrong with that, you may ask? Inspiration can be found in unlikely places. True. But for me the mental image just doesn’t work.

Why do the young want to look old? And why do the less young want to look much less young?

The most I will concede is that it makes a change from mis-matched shades of black grunge.

I do get the classic, elegant side to camel, but it’s impossible to shake off the immediate association of stiffly lacquered hair, a little too much make up, manicured, diamond ringed fingers, and a bit of nip and tuck.

Camel is New York wasp meets late mid-life Sloane Ranger, a perfectly groomed, but dull and chinless relationship. I would equate it with gin and tonic, but apparently that is once again a fashionable tipple.

What next I wonder…………………a pink and gloopy prawn cocktail revival?

camels instinctively know that additional colour gives an essential lift.

doctors agree, you should smoke them, not wear them.

green can become the new camel.


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Boxing clever

My new obsession is boxing. All that fancy footwork and a fast left hook…………..useful and great for body shaping. Just need to remember that big girls don’t cry!

Photographer Remi Rebillard putting the sex into sport.

I love “Gloves” boxing club, housed in a large old Victorian ticket station, that teeters aside¬† the train tracks at West Hampstead. Leather and Red brick Retro, a definite knock out for a fashion shoot.

But why bother with fashion when just a pair of gloves will do?!

Y3  feel the punch.

Complex Geometries are thinking open toed boxing next spring/summer.

The real thing……………………………..versus………..

the Gautier thing.

And Gautier menswear also enters the ring.

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Biba and House of Fraser………………what an interesting marriage! I wonder if Barbara Hulanicki is in favour, probably not. It was a sad day when the beautiful department store that was Biba finally closed it’s doors. For me it’s equally sad to see a bland set-up like House of Fraser linked with the fabulous, inspired, evocative name of Biba. Many people reading this are too young to have visited the 1970’s six floor shopping marvel (plus roof garden) in Kensington High Street………….believe me it was incredible! Dark, dark interiors, forming magic enclaves of Hollywood glamour and sleek gothic Deco. Wildly decadent and always doomed to fail, but brave, theatrical and accessible in a way that’s been hard for any retailer since to emulate. No financial backer would allow so much wasted space, so many dark un-usable corners, so many artsy installations where rails and shelves could be more purposefully used. In fact there was so little stock for a huge department store that it was complete, but marvelous, retail madness.

Hearing about the latest re-launch, on September 9th, I rooted through my archives and found a copy of the original Biba newspaper, dated September 1973 and available as an in-store guide. Sit back and enjoy the following……………………….

A tiny carrier bag 10cm x 16cm probably for make-up items.

Good luck to Daisy Lowe, as the new face of Biba………………….all these years later, Twiggy’s remains a very iconic face to follow, and leopard print can so, so easily tip into tat.

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