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I’m feeling a little fashion jaded, so instead of beauty I’m offering the opposite with holiday time circa 1929. These are some amusing photos of rather plain people, fortunately they favoured a full cover up even on the beach! Perhaps it was a very chilly summer that year.

Well prepared for all weathers………….umbrella, fur and hats………..what no gloves?

For unfathomable reasons I am hearing the words of the, yet to be born, Beach Boys……………………………….

“We’ll have fun, fun, fun till daddy takes the T. Bird away”

These two are definitely early role models for “Coronation Street” seemingly a joyful couple and simply gorgeous!!!!!!!

Kind of cute in a scruffy sand stained I’ve wet my pants and sucked on my bonnet, sort of way. However, I do Like the background lady she actually looks stylish.

The final shot includes the all important private nursery nurse……………a scary creature indeed. Hopefully that is a doll squashed under her flag carrying arm?


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Boredom rules….ok

Yesterday’s Sunday Times Style magazine ran an article on boredom, my first instinct was to yawn and flip the page, but it seems that 2010 has a new form of boredom, the kind that I believe used to be called envy. According to Shane Watson it’s a shame that we can’t literally inhabit the marvelous world of celebrity nor the stunning scene of a Vogue fashion shoot. Sadly the world is now diseased with an epidemic of every-day boredom. Apparently our partners all have to be ejected from our tedious lives after three long years because they are well past their sell by date, and sexually just toooooooooooo boring. Being an ardent follower of all that is fashionable, I obviously intend to pack my husband’s stuff and change the locks immediately after I finish here. I now understand that it’s just my deeply debilitating inertia that has held us together for so many more years than is now considered normal. Once I am left with only Me, Me, Me to think about, I plan to work on increasing my shallowness, my inner green-eyed monster, and my failure to achieve 24/7 texting. These are all essential attributes according to Ms Watson.

Faced with the seriousness of this “widespread 21st century malaise” I decided to write my own boredom list, which I am happy to state begins with a growing aversion to shallow articles in shallow magazines. However in my very mixed bag………………………….

I am BORED, BORED, BORED by…………………………………………………

1. Celebrity endorsed fashion.

2. Women tottering along uneven London pavements on what appear to be stilts.

3. The culture of entitlement…………..if you want it, work for it.

4. Endless e mails and text, what happened to conversation?

5. Traffic jams caused by almost every side turning being closed for essential works. Essential to who?

6. The random rules applied at airport security. Why bother to remove my belt but not  my under-wired bra which activates the alarm? Why can I buy as much liquid as I like on entering duty-free? Why do I need a clear plastic bag for toiletries when the machine never spots the liquids I accidentally leave lying loose in my hand luggage?

7. People who pretend to be Jenni from the hood rather than middle class Lisa from the suburbs.

8. Very,very expensive face creams that promise the world and fail to deliver.

9. Politicians pretending there’s a difference between them.

10. The vast P.R. machines  invading every level of our lives.

11. Fashion sheep, as in that grey/brown nail varnish, now seen on EVERYONE.

12. The new poverty trend that says we must all live without. Except in Vogue where the truly poor are photographed using Burberry accessories!

My personal favourite………………………………….

13. Peppers added to almost everything on menus everywhere………………please stop it! I am allergic.

And there I must end because quite frankly (yawn) I am just getting too bored……………..

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Wondering through my local high st today, I was struck by the general awfulness of the fashion on offer. Yes, I know it’s sale time, but most of these clothes did originally hang as a part of the collections produced and sold at full price this season.

Lets start with Whistles……………..or rather, let’s not. Second hand bazaar is the description that comes to mind. What is that Roksanda Ilincic line supposed to be? Dreadful colours with huge plastic discs attached……..futuristic or just ridiculous in a designer lost the plot kind of way?

Reiss, full of animal print, ruffled ra-ra skirts, bling sequins, gold buttons and fringing………not a class act.

Which brings me to the maiden aunt, Nicole Farhi. FRUMP is the word that jumps into my head. Dull, shapeless and boring are other appropriate descriptions. What happened to the label’s chic, subtle styling? Where were the desirable classics with a twist? AWOL is the answer.

This leads perfectly to the latest gallic or possibly garlic triangle, now to be found on some  high streets in the UK. The first was Comptoir des Cotonniers…………which for me, although marketed as tres, tres chic, is in reality, Marks and Spencer’s styling and colour palate at a higher price point.

Then Zadig Voltaire, home to the tired over priced concept of  cutesy fashion in a  rock and roll style. Aimed I guess at young rich kids who think Mick (plastered across knits) and his Rolling Stones (printed on t-shirts) are cool? Really? Obviously I know it’s true, but I admit to being past the age of wearing the fact emblazoned across my chest.

Finally, Sandro, which smelled so bad I only got a glimpse of their sludge coloured merchandise before fleeing the murky interior for a sunnier outside world.

Vaguely linked to the above, if only in name, is French Connection. Their rails were stuffed with gaudy sequins and frills. I did spot, in the new arrivals section a feathery looking dress chained to the rail. It reminded me of a character from Sesame Street.

During my spree I overheard a woman make the observation, “It’s not french bread, it’s just French in shape.” Which despite describing bread, does sum up my feelings about  current fashion. These shops need to get real and stop passing off overly fussy tat as fashion. It’s time to use use better fabrics,  and if necessary make less profit on a better designed garment. If this was an end of year school report, I would have to write “next term must try harder”.

Meanwhile I leave you with a little beauty from 1953. Dress by Jean Desses, photo by Seeberger.

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