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By a strange coincidence my blog today is influenced by Meissen porcelain, produced since 1710 in Meissen, Germany . Being of a delicate nature they are not the most appropriate items, around which, to ever attempt to pass and dribble a football. Although it seems possible, that, if thrown at a malingering English footballer, a  delicate figurine could provide a satisfying poke in the eye. Oh sorry, I believe eleven well organised Germans already did that, yesterday.

So as I’ve said,  my focus has gone Bavarian. Provoked not by World Cup football, but rather a visit to Masterpiece, currently at the Old Chelsea Barracks near Sloane Square, London. This is a mixed show of contemporary and antique arts finishing tomorrow, Tuesday 29 June.

Truthfully I am not a great Meissen fan, but a 1755 centre piece irreverently filled with colourful jelly beans and sugared almonds,  was a reminder of the fairly recent film starring Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette.

Aren’t the sweetie colours quite beautiful, and reminiscent of the gorgeous sugary costumes and scenes in the film.

Utter decadence!  And not a football in sight.


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Tres chic

I recently found the following, very charming illustrations, in an old and dilapidated book, called Blackie’s Children’s album.

It doesn’t say what year the book was published, but the personal inscription inside the cover was written in 1929.

I love these images with their depiction of a more innocent time, a time when summer always seemed to be bathed in sunshine and everyone baked their own cakes!!

Shame about the deteriorating print, but can’t you feel the warm breeze and hear the birdsong?

Enjoy the simplicity of the white dress and brogues!

Social services would round-up this lot today. Unsupervised minors gathered in a public place…………………..shocking!

charming slightly oriental flower design inside the book cover

We all need a ship of dreams to float away upon. This one looks fabulous………

…………so all aboard…………………………………………….to a French market…..

To market, to market

This is the chic illustration of Henri and Madelon who’s maman was  “un peu malade”, so they took her speciality cheeses and sour dough bread ( ok I exaggerate a little) to the local farmers market, where Henri is very “manful” with his pricing structure.

And to add a fashion note, Madelon’s flouncy dress/little boots combo is great!

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