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Dolly Doily

I offer for discussion this week a quote that comes courtesy of Charlotte, fashion designer extraordinaire. Upon hearing that she looked good in her outfit of the day her response was a surprised……. “really? I think that I look like a doily”.

Hello Doily?

The real thing

Doilys are probably an endangered species, so maybe we should all do our bit to revive the fortunes of these pretty paper cut outs. Never again leave a plate bare when somewhere, shoved in the back of a drawer, there’s a squashed packet of long forgotten doilys!

As for wearing them? The choice is yours.


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The kick-start for any collection, can come from the most unexpected direction.

It can be the sun reflecting shadows across a pale concrete surface, or the street style of a stranger, oblivious and in a hurry.  Those who inhabit the fashion world need a eureka moment, because, without it we can flounder in the dark. Creating a collection from scratch is a huge task. We begin with nothing but the past successes and failures to build upon, and from that core we will conceive new designs. But those designs need a moment of inspiration to live and breathe as one story. The creation of  a common thread that links the garments and inspires the customer is essential. I offer the following as my inspiration for summer 2011.

For me, this old photographic image represents simplicity, purity, femininity and elegance. I love the evocative shot of  colour that lifts the monochromatic surroundings, especially as this subtly combines with the silver spoon to add a hint of luxury. My aim now is to translate some of this delicious confection into the final designs for Melt London’s summer of 2011 collection.

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what lies beneath?

I’m having a retro lingerie moment. Could be the chill wind sweeping through my now, oh so boring winter clothes, or the influence of vintage underwear on this summer’s fashion collections. But, whatever the reason, I’m having my moment, and would like to share…………… as can be seen below……………………..

love the lighting for this shot.

this is great! especially the one blue piece.

Department store chic?

Fishers department store after a bargain day sale

one to bring on a smile

1960's.......and lingerie appears to have gone arty

1980's and very elegant

still the 80's but more risqué

bang up to date with agent provocateur........yet owing much to vintage

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All Change

Election, election, all is the election. My vote goes to Brocamcleg, an amalgamation of this countries worst dressed, most repetitively boring men.

I prefer to escape back into the mid 1940’s when Clement Attlee and the Labour party were the hottest, freshest ticket into a time of real post war “change”. Appropriately, Katie Allen of the Guardian has just pointed out that the UK’s borrowings are now at their highest since the 1940’s. So on the face of it, in economic terms, not a lot has really changed since then. But let’s get shallow and stick with fashion, the desirable, escapist froth in many a voter’s life.

The month of July in 1945, was a time to be wearing your happiest summer dress, as displayed below by my mother and her friends.


It was also the month that Labour won the general election, but I prefer to concentrate on the dresses. Very demure examples of what could be achieved with a Singer sewing machine.

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